About Us

HRG panelContact Switchgear Services is focused on repair, maintenance, and testing of electrical switchgear and related equipment. Our technicians average over 25 years of experience in this industry, installing, repairing, and upgrading all brands of equipment. Using these skills, they can quickly solve your switchgear issues.

Our shop is located in Richmond, Virginia and is equipped with a variety of test equipment. This includes four high current test sets, with capabilities to test up to 40,000 amps. All equipment is mobile, so we can test at our shop or your site.

We use Doble 3 phase relay test equipment to test and calibrate your relays and related equipment. In addition, we repair electromechanical relays, and have a large selection of parts for these relays.

RT HV SwitchWe use Flir IR equipment to perform your IR scans. Our IR technician is a certified Level 2 Thermographer. In addition, he has over 25 years of experience diagnosing switchgear issues. This gives him the unique ability to combine the IR scan information with his switchgear experience to correctly assess the condition of your equipment.

Our reports have detailed recommendations on each issue found, which allows you to carefully spend your maintenance budget on only the important issues.

In addition to our electrical switchgear capabilities, we have extensive mechanical capabilities, including the ability to machine, weld, and fabricate parts. So, we can quickly address your emergency, even on weekends.

When you need experience, contact us!


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